Solar Rodent Pest Repeller

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1.50 LBS

Product Description


Eliminate underground rodents from your lawn and garden using the power of the sun! . Our Solar Rodent/Pest Repeller emits an intermittent combination of underground sound and vibration that Rats, Moles, Gopher and other burrowing Rodents can't stand. Prevent rats, moles and gophers with this solar-powered rodent/pest repeller. Chase away rodents with sound instead of poisons This safe, humane, environmentally-friendly device produces a sonic pulse that you and your pets can barely hear, but it makes burrowing rodents run to safer ground away from your lawn and garden. During the day, it runs on the sun. At night, it's powered by an internal rechargeable solar battery for the around-the-clock protection. Runs days and night and is powered by long-life Ni-MH solar charged rechargeable batteries (Battery included).

It works by transmitting ultrasonic via vibration. Mole repeller is used to affect the acute hearing of underground rodents, with very effective preventive effect. The ultrasonic will deceive them, making them feel endangered, so as to force them away from the vibrating area. This repeller transmit ultrasonic every 30 seconds.

This repeller transmits ultrasonic in all directions. During transmission, there shall be no any obstruction to tamper with the ultrasonic. To achieve the best performance, we strongly recommend that 2 devices be installed every 30 meters for those areas frequented by rodents. The Advanced Solar Powered Mole Repeller has high-spec solar panels and an aluminum cannulation. The aluminum cannulation give more durability and makes it easier to insert in the soil. More importantly, aluminum is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations.

Product Features:

  1. Ultrasonic frequency: transmitting a combination of vibration and ultrasound waves every 30 seconds in the frequency between   400 HZ~1000HZ
    Effective coverage: 6000 square feet or 650 square meters
    Height: 19" tall from the bottom of the stake to the top of the solar panel
    Function 24 hours a day, no operating cost
  2. No Poison, no chemical, environmentally friendly; safe even with pets and children around
  3. Power supply: solar panel, and long lasting rechargeable battery by solar energy


  1. Effective Range: 650 M2
  2. Frequency: 400 Hz
  3. Rechargeable battery included: 1.2 V 600MAH Ni-MH
  4. SOLAR PANEL : 2V/45MA
  5. Operation current : 6MA
  6. Weight : 0.66lbs
  7. Case raw material : ABS , Aluminum cannulation 11.8 inch