iPad Solar Charger Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

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1.70 LBS

Product Description


iPad 2 & the iPad compatible

The Solar Powered iPad Charger case is an incredibly versatile product, which not only protects your iPad 2 but is able to charge it when out on the move. The hard wearing and durable case will protect your iPad 2 from knocks and bumps whilst out and about, and the convenient folio design ensures that your iPad 2 is well protected at all times. The case also features cut outs for all iPad 2features, such as the dock connector home button, speakers and silent and volume switches, this ensures that the iPad 2is fully usable at all times. The case also features a built in stand allowing for hands free use which is particularly useful for times such as watching movies or using an external keyboard. This protective case made especially for iPad 2. Not recommended for iPad 1 or the iPad

The case features a 4400ma/h battery which is charged via the built in Solar Panel, the means that the battery can be charged in any location either in direct sunlight or using ambient light. The case features an intelligent capacity indicator system utilizing LED’s mounted on the base of the case to indicate the current charge in the battery at any time.

The case has a standard USB port which means that not only can it charge the iPad through the standard sync/charge cable but it can also charge any other USB powered device such as a phone or camera. The high quality super efficient solar panel allows the battery to be charged either from direct sunlight or ambient light both indoors and out. There is also a micro USB so the battery can be charged using a standard USB lead to ensure total versatility. It also comes with a bluetooth keyboard for your use. 

Key Features

- High quality PU case
- Built in stand for enhanced usability
- Built in 4400 mAh battery
- High efficiency solar panel can be used to charge the built in battery
- Battery can also be charged via standard mini USB
- USB power out can be used to charge iPad or other device
- Intelligent capacity indicator can indicate charge level in battery
- High efficiency charging circuit.


  • Battery: Polymer Lithium-ion battery 4400mah/ 3.7V
    Polymer Lithium-ion battery: high energy and safe.
    Battery Service life:
    • Before 500 times charging, battery capacity=100%
      After 500times charging, battery capacity=75%
  • Full charging for inside Li-polymer battery by USB or AC adapter requires 5 hours of charging;
  • Full charging for inside Li-polymer battery by solar battery panel requires 8~12 hours of charging;
  • LED Light will be red when charge from the sun (working status)
  • The intelligent digital circuit, with the automatically detection functions, Plug in then work automatically. (No switch and no waste)
    Intelligent capacity indicator, can indicate the battery status (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

    Solar panel: High-efficient mono-crystalline silicon.
  • Power of the solar panel: 2.4W
    Service life: over than 20 years.
    Output voltage: 5V (max)
    Output current : 2000 ma (max)
    Charge voltage : USB DC 5V
  • Case material: Polyurethane(PU)
  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 1.54 lbs (with packaging)
  • Size: 9.8x8.1x0.9inch
  • Product work temperature: -10°C~80°C
  • Bluetooth 2.0 interface Keyboard standard

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Power Charger For iPad2

1 x Bluetooth 2.0 interface Keyboard
1 x Charger cable